Our Story

Home isn’t just where the heart is, it’s where all our stories begin- our dreams, our identity, our happiness, our family. Our foundation is here and there’s no better investment to yourself than that which goes into your home.

Studio Soliven is fast making a name for itself in the home decor space. This growing company is the brainchild of photographer and businessman, Marco Soliven. Growing up in a creative household, he had an innate appreciation for art which was fostered by his dad’s passion for photography. As he entered the workplace, he became involved in the carpet business, trying to find the right pieces for his clients. Eventually, Marco put up his own company so he could provide premium rugs that reflected his clients’ personal styles.

Today, Studio Soliven is the platinum standard for luxury bespoke rugs. They source the best materials and every piece is painstakingly handmade to create a one-of-a-kind rug unique to the homeowner. Studio Soliven has collaborated with some of the most creative names in the industry, like Solenn Heusaff and furniture designer, Marella Custodio. These partnerships brought original and inspired imagery to their designs, statement pieces that have been featured in many media channels and society pages. Now Studio Soliven is taking its signature style and expanding it’s product line to include furniture that showcase classic yet modern silhouettes, natural finishes, and luxurious comfort.

Who needs flying carpets that take you all over the world? Just give us beautifully crafted rugs that will keep us home. Make your space your own with Studio Soliven pieces today.