It all started with the first product I launched 2 years ago, my MINK candles.

From there, I ventured into a newfound love, Jars and plants!

Believe it or not, I NEVER had a green thumb, but it all began when I decided to shop for my first indoor plants at home. After all, I did hear of the many benefits greenery brings to a home.

Incase you didn’t know, plants improve air quality, reduce humidity and generally brighten up any dull space!

One day I posted a photo on Instagram of my new jars and plants because I was officially obsessed. I was quite surprised at all the responses and inquiries… *Tada!!!* instant thought bubble- make it a business!!! And that’s simply how it started. #MinkJars

I sourced the jars and matched plants with it… and thankfully it’s been continuous and quite successful I would say. We all need some greenery in our lives every now and then!

But it doesn’t end there, I’m all about non-stop home improvement. Thus the collaboration with Marco of Studio Soliven.

Marco does amazing photographs and prints, among other things. And it was only natural to create the MINK collection.

So here we are!

We’re giving away this EXCLUSIVE framed print.

Follow @studiosoliven & @mikaelamartinez. Then comment on the IG photo I posted and mention why you should win this PRINT.. Tag 3 friends who you think might like it, and that’s it!

Winners will be announced on the 20th of December 2017.

Merry Christmas & a Happy new year!


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