Currently Loving: Mink Collection - by Stephanie Zubiri

I’m a sucker for making the everyday beautiful. For filling your space with life and vibrant color. The Mink Collection is curated by one of the most amazing women I know – Mikaela Martinez. I don’t think I could ever stop singing her praises because she’s an amazing hands on mother with a full time job, a fabulous modeling career, a blog and a gazillion successful “rackets” (as I like to tease all of us hustling women about!) on the side. She also has time to be a gracious loyal friend who is genuinely supportive of all her friends’ endeavors.

From beautiful jars and pots for your plants to art prints and scented candles, the Mink Collection has great pieces for gifts this Christmas or even just to gift to yourself. Contact her through IG @mikaelamartinez and check out for her latest collaboration of prints and jars with them. Jars starting at P3,500 and up. Pure beeswax candles are P3,290 and Prints start at P3,500.


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